Organizational Description

Green Street Project is a unique, Chicago-based not-for-profit corporation that designs, incubates, and supports community engagement programs.


Green Street Project's mission is to build more connected, compassionate and inclusive communities


In January 2009, under the auspices of the Community Building Initiative, Green Street Project incubated and helped launch Openhill.com as a socially-responsible company that will empower users to create and manage their own websites, in ...

Community Building Initiative

In May 2006, Chicago Mayor Daley gave Sean Harden, then the Mayor's head of Community and Interfaith Affairs, a mandate to build the capacity of community-based and faith-based organizations.  In response, the City of Chicago and Green Street Project co-founded the Community Building Initiative as a public-private sector alliance, with Green Street Project serving as the Initiative's administrator. In 2007, we invited 1,000 community leaders to tell us how we could best support their work, during six town hall meetings at City Hall and in hundreds of small-group brief...

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